The devil kingdom

this entry is for Mondays Finish the Story

© 2015,Thank you  Barbara W. Beacham for the photo.

my entry :

“The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode.” The villagers warned them in that spring day, but they submitted to their son insistence to visit it. The big grave allured the curious boy, especially the mysterious writing in the stone.

“Probably, it’s an ancient language.” Eric explained, examining it.

“Let’s go. It’s starting to thunder.” the wife stated, looking to the gloomy sky, but her husband was absorbed by the shinning letters.

He wanted to stand but his hand was glued to the stone.

“ Did you hear that?” He asked, but his family refuted.

The voice became louder “kill them, kill them.” it said.

As the rain fell, he fainted.

“ERIC” his wife shouted and went down to him but he was already awake.

“You scared me.” she said, checking his red eyes.

“ Sorry to scare you, let go home.” He smirked.

At the end of the road, Eric stopped after a while the tomb illuminated.


word count ( first sentence excluded) : 148

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Monday finish the story (the eyes)

this entry is for Mondays Finish the Story  a flash fiction challenge where we are provided with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. we are asked to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided.

my entry :

-I see absolutely everything now. It is a prehistoric stony animal. He was able to transform himself to rock but couldn’t do it backward. Francesca stated.

-What are you talking about Fran? Sandy replied.

-Look at the eyes. Fran Pointed to the blue part.

-It is not eyes it some sort of minerals.

-Don’t you see how real they are? Fran insisted.

-Stop that Francesca. The transformation is impossible. You are a scientist not some kind of alchemist.

-Alchemists were once the scientists of ancient times. Unfortunately nobody understood them. They were called charlatans and sometimes burned alive.

-We are lucky we don’t live at that time. Lets go out and have lunch.

Hanging their lab coat, they heard a bizarre sound. Sandy turned to see.

-Fran look. Sandy said with a shaking voice.

-What sandy?

-The eyes, the eyes are moving.

-Well I guess he found his way back to his natural form.


word count: 149 (excluding the sentence)

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