Together (Sunday Photo Fiction – August 30th 2015)

this entry is for sunday photo fiction

my entry :

“Let hide behind this wall.” Atilius suggested, grabbing Marcus arm.

“What are we going to do now?” Marcus asked.

“Silence. They are coming.”

“Soldiers?” Marcus murmured. “But they aren’t allowed inside the temple Atilius.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Atilius scrutinized the walls hoping to find an escape.

“All of that, just because we refused to kill him.” Marcus collapsed.

“Marcus, calm down.” Atilius lifted him.

“ They’ll be here soon. All the torture we will endure Atilius.” Sobbing, Marcus held his friend face.

“Why are you looking at me like this Marcus?”

“I don’t want to suffer anymore.” Marcus acknowledged. “Let’s jump in this well.” he pointed to a hole.

“This will only get us injured but not killed.” Atilius replied.

“Then.” Marcus hesitated for a moment then continued. “Let stab each other with these daggers. In the neck better, we will die instantly.” They snatched the knifes from their respective waist belts.

“Are you having second thoughts?” Marcus asked, but Atilius refuted. “Then close your eyes and do it.” They hugged each other for the last time.

“Sir, we find the slaves. They are both dead.” A soldier said.

“Dam I wanted to make them a lesson to the other slaves” the noble man shouted.


Word count: 204

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this flash fiction is an entry for FRIDAY FICTIONEERS thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting.

thank you  © Claire Fuller for photo prompt

My entry :

Fifty outstanding students from all over the country are summoned to visit this historical monument. The president will honor them too. I’m one of those students.

“Before our blessed revolution, the previous corrupted government hid personal information here.”  The guide explains about the archive.

I don’t remember this period, but I do know how much my father sacrificed for this revolution. I learned by heart how this president killed him right where I’m standing.

Time for the presidential recognition, only one person then it is my turn to shake hands with the dictator. I have a poisoned razor blade between my fingers.


word count: 102

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5 Rules For Chapter One Of Your Book

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

I... must... read... more! I… must… read… more!

1. Start the story as late as possible

2. Have a grabber opening

3. Make the reader care, usually via the MC

4. What are the stakes? What can be gained or lost?

5. End with a cliffhanger so we go to chapter 2

Need more info? Let’s read on then, shall we?

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I'm already 45 minutes overdue! I’m already 45 minutes overdue!

Start the story as late as possible

Most authors bury the really interesting stuff a few paragraphs in, or worse, in chapter two or three. What’s the first interesting thing that happens in your story? Start there.

(Learn about tightening your story HERE)


Have a grabber opening

Holy cow, am I intrigued by this prose! Holy cow, am I intrigued by this prose!

I like a “grabber” opening to a story and especially the opening chapter. Stories that hook a reader right away and keep…

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ( the balloon stand)

 this story is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  a flash fiction challenge (stories in 100-175 words or less). A prompt photo will be provided each Tuesday.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by

my entry:

-I still remember the first day we met here. We were so young, four I guess. Natasha recalled

-You were four, I was six then. There right? Neil said pointing to the balloon stand.

-You still remember.

-How could I forget? We were fighting over a blue balloon and you snatched it from my hand and ran.

-It was a beautiful summer day like today. Natasha looked to the sky. Even if it was war. She sighted.

Neil put his hand over hers. “We kept meeting here. It was here where we confessed our love the first time and the first time we kissed too.”

-You even proposed here. Natasha continued laying her head over his shoulder, then stand up and gazed at him. What a silly proposal was that.

-But you said yes, you were so in love. Putting her head over his shoulder again.

-I felt pity for you that all. They both laughed.

-Look at our grandson, he is fighting with a girl for the blue balloon. They smiled.


word count : 172

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Monday finish the story (the eyes)

this entry is for Mondays Finish the Story  a flash fiction challenge where we are provided with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. we are asked to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided.

my entry :

-I see absolutely everything now. It is a prehistoric stony animal. He was able to transform himself to rock but couldn’t do it backward. Francesca stated.

-What are you talking about Fran? Sandy replied.

-Look at the eyes. Fran Pointed to the blue part.

-It is not eyes it some sort of minerals.

-Don’t you see how real they are? Fran insisted.

-Stop that Francesca. The transformation is impossible. You are a scientist not some kind of alchemist.

-Alchemists were once the scientists of ancient times. Unfortunately nobody understood them. They were called charlatans and sometimes burned alive.

-We are lucky we don’t live at that time. Lets go out and have lunch.

Hanging their lab coat, they heard a bizarre sound. Sandy turned to see.

-Fran look. Sandy said with a shaking voice.

-What sandy?

-The eyes, the eyes are moving.

-Well I guess he found his way back to his natural form.


word count: 149 (excluding the sentence)

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flash fiction loving doves (second entry)

this flash fiction is an entry for sunday photo fiction.

it is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

my second entry :

Why are you looking at me like that? Mind your business lovers. Brian whispers. “I’m tired, just two more clamber and I’m in the second floor.” He thought.
“It is a genius plan after all, No body thought of that before.” He smiled then continued his climb.
“It is still dawn so I wont be caught. Is this tube made of silk, I’m slipping all the way up? In the Internet it looked easy maybe because it is my first time.” He kept talking and wheezing.
He didn’t know if his fast heartbeats were caused by physical effort or excitement. “The window.” He gasped. “You still looking at me you two.” “Focus, it said put the closest hand on the window then the farthest.” He addressed himself.
“Mission accomplished, now just one final push and I‘m standing on the edge. The window is open. I only need to jump into the room.” He thought smiling.
“Alicia no don’t hit me…. no”
“aouch that hurt a lot ”.
“Are you all right? “Alicia shouted looking from the window. “What were you doing in my window?”
“Will you marry me?” Barely moving his hand holding ring box, laying in the road. “But first call the ambulance.”
“And you two stop looking at me, it is all your fault.” He growled.
The pigeons flew finally.


word count 220

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Sunday Photo Fiction : the loving doves

this entry is for the sunday photo fiction. a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

my entry:

“Why can’t we be like them?” Don lifted his head to see the doves. “All we do is fight.” Ashley continued. “I work all the day in that house and when you come you start criticizing.”

“What about you?”  Don jumped from the sofa. “The moment I set foot in this place you start nagging. How unlucky you are for marrying a man with a low paid job.”

“Did I lie?” She shouted.

“You knew that when we met. You knew that I’m not ready to change.” Putting his hand in his hips.

“Because you are coward.” She gazed at him.

“That is it I’m done.” He grabbed his jacket.

“Yeah run like always.” Following him with her eyes.

He slammed the door the scared doves flight away. The woman, putting her hand in the edge of the sink, started to cry. A warm feeling enveloped her, she took the two arms into her hands. “I’m sorry.” A soft voice whispered in her ears.

“Me too darling.” she turned. “I promise I will not….”

“Shuuuuuuu ….. I love the way you are.”  He continued.

“Don’t change your job for me, I love you.” She hugged him tightly.


word count 196

thank you for reading.