Together( second version)

“Get behind this wall, nobody will think that two slaves can hide here.” Atilius said.

“Are you sure it will be safe? the guards are not allowed in this temple, right?” Marcus asked looking around.

“I don’t know, but we need to find a way out soon.” Atilius stopped scrutinizing the wall and continued “do you here that?”

“What? “Marcus shook his head.

“Soldiers Marcus.”

Marcus leaned against the wall and slipped to the floor, tears in his eyes. “No I can’t do this anymore Atilius. Why? Just because we refused to follow order and kill.”

Atilius went down and caught him by the shoulder. “Marcus, get hold of yourself.” Marcus stared at him “What Marcus? Why are you looking at me like this?”

“No you can’t be thinking…” Atilius turned the other way but Marcus held his head.

“You do know what kind of torture is waiting for us.” Marcus said, Atilius changed of colour and his eyes became wider and asked “But how?”

“Let’s jump here.” Marcus pointed to a well.

“But this is small it will only get us injured.”

Marcus noticed Atilius waist belt then proceed “We can…. Hmm… we can use these.” Pointing to the daggers. They stood silent for a while and Marcus continued, “Here in the neck, we stab each other. It will be painless and immediate.”

“Fine.” Atilius took a deep breath.

“Lets’ do it.” Marcus said.

They hugged each other for the last time.

The guards finally found them, they were already dead. Their master was angry, he wanted to make them an example to other slaves.


the first version : click HERE

Thank you for reading 🙂



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