Monday finish the story (the eyes)

this entry is for Mondays Finish the Story  a flash fiction challenge where we are provided with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of a story. we are asked to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided.

my entry :

-I see absolutely everything now. It is a prehistoric stony animal. He was able to transform himself to rock but couldn’t do it backward. Francesca stated.

-What are you talking about Fran? Sandy replied.

-Look at the eyes. Fran Pointed to the blue part.

-It is not eyes it some sort of minerals.

-Don’t you see how real they are? Fran insisted.

-Stop that Francesca. The transformation is impossible. You are a scientist not some kind of alchemist.

-Alchemists were once the scientists of ancient times. Unfortunately nobody understood them. They were called charlatans and sometimes burned alive.

-We are lucky we don’t live at that time. Lets go out and have lunch.

Hanging their lab coat, they heard a bizarre sound. Sandy turned to see.

-Fran look. Sandy said with a shaking voice.

-What sandy?

-The eyes, the eyes are moving.

-Well I guess he found his way back to his natural form.


word count: 149 (excluding the sentence)

thank you for reading.


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