Sunday Photo Fiction : the loving doves

this entry is for the sunday photo fiction. a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

my entry:

“Why can’t we be like them?” Don lifted his head to see the doves. “All we do is fight.” Ashley continued. “I work all the day in that house and when you come you start criticizing.”

“What about you?”  Don jumped from the sofa. “The moment I set foot in this place you start nagging. How unlucky you are for marrying a man with a low paid job.”

“Did I lie?” She shouted.

“You knew that when we met. You knew that I’m not ready to change.” Putting his hand in his hips.

“Because you are coward.” She gazed at him.

“That is it I’m done.” He grabbed his jacket.

“Yeah run like always.” Following him with her eyes.

He slammed the door the scared doves flight away. The woman, putting her hand in the edge of the sink, started to cry. A warm feeling enveloped her, she took the two arms into her hands. “I’m sorry.” A soft voice whispered in her ears.

“Me too darling.” she turned. “I promise I will not….”

“Shuuuuuuu ….. I love the way you are.”  He continued.

“Don’t change your job for me, I love you.” She hugged him tightly.


word count 196

thank you for reading.



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