the tower roof (flash fiction)

FFfAW-Week of 08-11-2015

Thank you Sonya for providing the photo

“they refused to let me marry him. I’ll show them. I’ll throw myself from the tower.” Ashley thought, while climbing the stairs.

She opened the roof door. A voice grabbed her attention.

“It is him.”  She thought.”We are going to die together and they will never separate us again.”

A female laugh froze her.

“You’re the most valuable gift in my life.” He was flirting. She stormed in the roof and start beating him.

“liar.” “Since when is he with you?” Ashley shouted.

“a year.” the fearful lady replied.

“So you were cheating on me.” “Aren’t you angry he cheated on you too?”

The other women nodded.

“So come and beat him with me.”

After a good half an hour, the two ladies were exhausted and the man was unrecognizable.

“Let’s go. He learned his lesson.” Ashely said.

“The police?” The other lady wondered.

“He wouldn’t dare and…there is no witness.”

They smiled and went down.

word count 157


27 thoughts on “the tower roof (flash fiction)

  1. As Sonya (above comment) says, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. And in this case, it was two of them! I should feel sorry for the man they left ‘unrecognisable’, but the cheating rat probably deserved a good beating. (Just kidding!).Well done. 😀

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