New Category Rankings for Amazon Books

How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

Amazon category ranking 3Not sure exactly when Amazon made the switch from listing only the Top 100 in categories in the Product Details to the Top 3,000 or so. I’m not even sure how high it goes.

The official word at KDP remains the same: Every book will have a Best Seller Rank after it has sold at least one copy, but Category rankings will only appear in the Product Details section of a book’s detail page if the book is ranked within the Top 100 books in its category.

Amazon category rankingClearly not the case anymore. Months ago this example (left) would have only shown the #82 ranking for Metaphysical and anything over the Top 100 would be omitted. Now it displays for a couple of categories beyond 100.

Amazon category ranking 2Or here’s another example (right) that’s slightly more bizarre. This book is presently #16 for Dogs, which is kinda cool, and it’s also #224 for…

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