photo  provided by Louise with “The Storyteller’s Abode.” Thank you

Enjoying the damp grass from last night drizzle, she reached out to the shinny sun. She didn’t remember the first time she came here with her parent, but she remembered how she always wished to touch this star. The giggles of some playful kids reminded her of herself when she was in their age, it was always a great pleasure to come here with friends. Tired of laying down, she struggled to lift up her head. She slowed her breath to relish every smell in the air. She gazed the whole landscape the mountains, the trees. She wanted to crave it in her memory. She coughed, blood stained her scarf, she hid it from her sister. The two standing rocks brought tears to her eyes. She admired them in silence memorizing all their components. After all it was here where she met the love of her life, here she came to cry his death. And here… she took her last breath.

word count: 161


10 thoughts on “memories

    • thank you I’m really glad that you like it. sometimes all we have in this life is memories, so we attach them to concrete like places to be able to retract them whenever we want.


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