When I’m down

Sometimes I feel that I’m loosing it, I feel that I’m drowning so deep in my fears. I just want to escape. I start to ask questions. What is reason I’m putting myself through this?  Why should I be different? Why should I pursuit my dreams while others are, or at least seem, happy in settling down?

Sometimes a day comes and I just want to stop thinking and planning my dreams. But at the same time the things that keep making me a HUMAN are that same dreams, my ability to choose my life and how to live it. If anything else fail at least I have my dreams that how I see things. Even if sometimes I freak out or rest a little down this journey, I know deep down that this is MY righteous road.

So to get some encouragement I remind myself that the result is not that important. Well a little I’m not going to lie, but at least it is not my first priority. The crucial point here is the journey and making choices that I want. There will be no regrets in the future. I choose every step of the way, I choose the direction.

So my friend if you have a dream follow it start today start now. To cheer yourself up just imagine yourself doing what you love and you will magically feel better. By the way the regrets for not starting earlier are worse than the fear of failure. Trust me I’m an expert on that matter.


Talk to you next post. (I hope)

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