Stronger (FFfAW – Week of 07-29-2015)

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Thank you Etol bagam for the photo!

With closed eyes I let the wind to push me its way. The water spray from the cascade washed my face. the cold  weather made me the only visitor in the bridge that day. A dreadful sensation in my arm broke my serenity. I remembered, it was the same nasty feeling that I’m running from. As always, in public he was smiling then the private session of beating will follow. I wanted to shout but my voice betrayed me. I tried to pull my arm away but he only kept smiling and shocking my hand. I fought like never before. the look changed in his face, I was tougher this time. The wind became stronger and helped me to push him over the bridge.  He clasped my hand, begged for help. Without hesitation, I grabbed my shoe, stab his hand with the heel. He screamed as he was falling. This sight gave me a taste of justice I longed for.

word count :  160


9 thoughts on “Stronger (FFfAW – Week of 07-29-2015)

  1. Wonderful story! She got rid of her abuser! Loved the way she took the heel of her shoe and made him let go of her arm. Welcome to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! We are happy you have found us!


    • yeah sure the abuser think that the victim will not revolt but they always wrong. there is a breaking point when the victim become stronger and not afraid of the abuser and then revolt.


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