My first blog post finally after I don’t know when I’m posting it.

Well I just finished yesterday the raw draft not the first, “the RAW ” (far from the first) draft of my first book and I love it. (Both the fact and the book). It needs a lot of work yet, but let’s celebrate this first.

After a good night sleep, I realized that, well the final scene is good BUT… the main “ingredient” is missing. There are some big holes in the final battle that need some precision. Who is doing what,  how they did get to this point and many other questions.

But one step at the time Right? Every thing is going to be fine. YeaaaaY. Fighting (for Kdrama fan).

As always when I get excited about writing I decided to work on two more books at the same time.

But wait let’s not rush things or… why not after all writing is what makes me happy so let’s write more.

Talk to you next post. Hope I don’t freak out and it will be soon.



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